Equipment We Use
Clippers by WAHL®

We count on quality equipment from WAHL® to ensure your dog's clip or trim is comfortable. No dull blades here!

Tables by Paws Brothers®

Our tables are the latest by Paws Brothers® built to allow your dog to easily step onto the platform at a mere 11 inches from the floor - no jumping needed!

Tubs by Flying Pig Grooming®

Safe control of your pet from entry ramp, to correct height for best bathing results are provided by use of these stainless steel tubs made by Flying Pig Grooming!®

Kennels by Groomer's Best®

Superior quality, comfortable flooring for paws, clean and sanitized regularly, our kennels from Groomer's Best® are used to facilitate drying of your dog after their bath. Sorry, we don't offer kennel stays longer than the appointment times!

Salon Photos